Social-Hubs are social media apps specially created for a certain movement or community. 
We aim to give the community a space where they can be alone, post, and chat. A social network that focuses on connecting - not addiction.

Lukas Nie├čen

Biggest Hubs

Our biggest Social-Hubs are:
1. MAGA Hub (750k downloads)
2. LGBT Hub (40k downloads)
3. Anime Hub (30k downloads)
They have an average rating of 4.5 stars and more than 150,000 monthly active users.

lukas niessen

Odoma Music

The first-ever Offline-Music-Player that largely relies on AI tools. Streaming-Apps like Spotify heavily use AI and, by this, improve the user experience a lot. 

Offline Players barely use any AI tools, so we created the first that does. OdomaMusic has thousands of downloads already.

lukas nie├čen

Grand Among Craft

The best mix of GTA, Among Us, and Minecraft. Optimized for mobile gaming.
A breathtaking multiplayer game combining the three most popular games of the last decade.
Grand Among Craft is brand-new but has more than 30,000 downloads already.